Riyadh Metro Link Project

BACKGROUND: RAC is a newly established company as a part of the privatization program of the aviation sector in Saudi Arabia. RAC is now managing and operating King Khaled International Airport (KKIA) in the Saudi capital and is working on

Refurbishment of TR1 and TR2 – Metro Hall “Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 metro link” including this point in addition to 2 more points below;

– The project proposes to build a Metro link lobby in lower parking level, to act as connection between metro skywalk to TR1 and TR2. With passengers, annual growth this link between the Terminals 1,2 and the metro station is a necessity.
– The package works include all disciplines civil, structural, architectural, electrical, and mechanical works.

Design and build for the existing Stormwater system modifications;

TD to design and build new storm water network to avoid crossing the existing buried storm water network, manhole and clean-outs under the new Metro Hall area limits.

TD to provide floor finish for affected parking areas due to relocation work same with existing parking floor finish material.

Design and build for the Extension of the existing metro hall parking;

TD shall design, engineer, procure, construct, the traffic road in front of the entrance of car parks, and remedy the defects therein. This traffic road shall be expanded in to three lanes instead of two lanes, this is by reducing the width of the sidewalks/islands on the opposite side of the metro hall to increase the traffic flow flexibility in front of the metro hall, noting that the movement of cars should be in one direction to the parking area in front of the entrance of the metro hall.