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When you choose TD, you join talented employees having global expertise in Electro mechanical.
Petrophysics, Reservoir Modeling, High end Reservoir Simulation, Rock Physics, Seismic Interpretation and Quantitative Interpretation are our areas of expertise. Our team has helped us emerge as one of the largest independent oil and gas exploration and production companies operating in Saudi Arabia .
Getting excellent opportunity to learning Air Port MEP works from our highly professional Engineers.
TD has been in partnership with the leading universities, research laboratories and chemical manufacturers across the globe to design its EOR program, and has developed significant in-house expertise/capability in this field – a rarity in these parts of the world. With its young and dynamic workforce, unique knowledge base, project-delivery track record, and operational experience, TD is poised to deliver on its EOR program in the coming months and years.
Our successes are a result of quick adoption of new technologies for overcoming challenges.
Our accomplishments include the world’s longest continuously heated pipeline; Enhanced Oil Recovery Application; 4D seismic; HD 3D; spectral decomposition; Seismic inversion; SCAL analysis; Chemical Flooding (Polymer and ASP flooding); and Reservoir Management of water flooded fields producing over 200kboepd.
Our skilled Electro mechanical engineers overcome challenges through exploring new and existing fields.
The expertise includes exploration of tight gas; development of tight oil; improving recovery potential of multi darcy reservoir through lift optimization; providing solution around scaling; sand control; and well stimulation.
Imagine being a part of the team that discovered the prolific Riyadh basin, implemented numerous world-class technologies in Saudi Arabia and is responsible for more than a quarter of Saudi Arabia ’s oil production.
Not only that, but also implementing one of world’s largest EOR polymer flood program. At TD, you get an opportunity to learn across the complete cycle of engineering, procurement, construction and commissioning of facilities for crude processing and export.
We focus on faster career progression with low ‘Time to Autonomy’ of ~ 8 years.
We know our employees are key to our success and future; and it is our top priority to help you develop a fast and rewarding career. We are committed to provide larger responsibilities to our employees at an early stage and mentoring by world-class experts.

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